miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

A Take-away Show. A different way to listen music

The founder of the website La Blogthèque, wanted to shake things up and find another way to share music. He also wanted to film music differently. He offered Vincent Moon (http://www.vincentmoon.com/) to go and film musicians n Paris. The so called Take-Away Shows have existed since April 2006. The large amount of clips is the result of a very fast filming process with mostly one take recordings in a way comparable to the Dogma 95 concept. Comparable with the field recordings of Alan Lomax or the Peel Sessions of John Peel. Moon has set up a large collection of unique single take recordings enhanced with  artistic filmed video footage. The fast filming process he uses is a form of guerrilla film making. The sessions are usually two or three tracks filmed improvised in an unusual enviroment and as such they ofthen had a rough and ready, demo-like feel, somewhere between a live performance and a finished music video. These live, unsually staged performances differ from the artifice of traditional music videos in favor of single-take, organig and primarly accoustic sessions.

This is a Take-Away show recorded in Istanbul