jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Giorgos Lanthimos' new film. Alps

Alps, the new film by "Dogtooth" director Giorgios Lanthinos is a film about "a group of people who agree to stand in for the lost loved ones of others, replicanting their behaviour and gestures, obtensibly to help with grieving"

Giorgios Lanthinos and Efthymis Filippou developed the premise for the film out of the idea of people who allege something which is fabricated, for example via prank calls or by announcing their own deaths. The story took from as they needed a setting which could work well cinematically. Lanthimos considers it the complete opposite of his previous film, Kynodontas, wich he says "is the story of a person who tries to escape a fictitioud world. Alps is about a person who tries to enter a fabricated world"

Director: Giorgios Lanthinos
Script.    Giorgios Lanthinos, Efthymis Filippou
Cast:      Aggeliki Papoulia, Stavros Psyllakis, Ariane Psyllakis
Genre:    Drama
Runtime: 93 min
Country: Greek

I really recomend to read the Alps- Press Note 

Trailer and teaser of Alps

And the trailer of Kynodontas, one of the best films i've ever seen.